1) дыхание, вдох, вздох

I am short of breath. — Мне не хватать воздуха.

It is a waste of breath. — Это пустая трата сил.

He got his second breath. — У него открылось второе дыхание.

They are not to be mentioned in the same breath. — Их нельзя ставить на одну доску. /Их нельзя сравнивать.

The breath of slander never touched him. — Его никогда не касалась клевета.

Our breath was beginning to fail. — Мы начали задыхаться.

We were told to save our breath because the matter had already been decided. — Нам сказали, что говорить об этом нет смысла, так как вопрос уже решен.

- free breath
- rythmic breath
- struggling breath
- untroubled breath
- sobbing breath
- painting breath
- breath of air
- first breath of spring
- breath of suspicion
- shortness of breath
- with his last breath
- in the same breath
- with bated breath
- catch one's breath
- take a deep breath
- take breath
- be out of breath
- draw one's last breath
- be short of breath
- hope to the last breath
- lose one's breath
- recover one's breath
- suck in breath
- put out inhale breath
- give smb a little breath
- waste one's breath
- gasp for breath
- run oneself out of breath
- speak under one's breath
2) запах
- bad breath
- tobacco breath
- delicate breath
- offensive breath
- sweet breath of lilies
- sour breath of rotting leaves
- breath of stale tobacco
- have a bad breath
- smell onions on smb's breath

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  • breath — [ breθ ] noun count or uncount *** the air that goes in and out of your body through your nose or mouth: He could feel her warm breath on his face. His breath smelled strongly of alcohol. a. the act of getting air into your lungs by breathing:… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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